The Extra Push by Solomon Admissions Consulting Can Make a Difference

July 15, 2018
Admission to the best schools in the country can be enormously intimidating and the process becomes more so every year, as more students apply for a limited number of openings. And yet, it’s one of the most consequential things anyone can do, especially if they want a professional career. Getting into an elite school can lead to millions in extra income over the course of a career, so it’s important. That’s why more and more prospective students are making greater use of consultants in their quest, including those working with Solomon Admissions Consulting.

It is clear that firm knows exactly what they're doing, based on the many positive reviews of Solomon Admissions Consulting. For instance, there’s the parent of an MIT applicant, whose review said the Solomon consultant his son dealt with was "very professional, knowledgeable and completely accessible throughout the process." He also noted the help his son, now a student at MIT, received in getting him work on a computer science project that seems to have made a big difference to the admissions officers at MIT, where he is now a freshman.